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It is essential to obtain professional tree services. Did you know that trees are the longest-living organisms on Earth? They even die of old age. Especially Pines and Sequoias are approximately 4,000 and 5,000 years old. Thus, trees help reduce energy costs by cooling our home during summer and serving as a winter windbreak. So, are you still wanting to remove a tree from your property?

Are you wondering how a good landscape or a tree could improve your property? If so, we can provide you with the answer and the services you need! A professional tree service allows you to detect any diseases before they advance, which for sure will improve the tree’s overall appearance, and tree trimming will help root loss.

Contracting a professional tree service team might sound unnecessary, but without a doubt, having an expert team’s assistance minimizes future damage to your property and provides the proper tree care services and maintenance for your lawn. Therefore, you might need an experienced team to deliver quality tree and landscaping services.

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Tree Removal

Do you have problems with a specific tree, and all you want is to remove it? It is time to call a specialist to help you remove that tree! At ER Tree Care, our expert team uses the proper equipment and techniques to get rid of any undesirable tree smoothly and safely.

Tree Removal Services
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Tree Trimming

Providing tree trimming or tree pruning to your lawn helps remove dead or broken limbs to keep your tree healthy. At ER Tree Care provides Louisville tree service. Moreover, our expert team has the proper knowledge to create a safe environment for people and deliver outstanding results.

Tree Trimming Services
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Pruning Service

Certified arborists are tree professionals that provide advice to guarantee a safe and aesthetically pleasing result. Hence, the position, surrounding areas, and how to give the proper maintenance to trees. Therefore, arborists know the tree species and the reaction to the different types of pruning for tree growth and development.

Pruning Service
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Stump Grinding

With removal stump grinding or stump removal, you could have a neat and clean lawn protected against disease and pests. Therefore, you can improve your property’s aesthetic view and avoid accidents. At ER Tree Care, our expert team uses the proper equipment and techniques to guarantee quality results in Louisville, Kentucky.

Stump Grinding Services

Need Professional Tree Service?

We are the team you need! Any tree or landscaping service you have in mind, we can make it happen. Contact us today and hire the best tree service in Louisville, KY. At ER Tree Care, we deliver quality in every work we do.

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Tree Planting & Transplanting

An interesting fact about tree planting is that trees remove pollutants from the air and are a natural air filter. We all know about climate change and how the air is getting contaminated every day. Therefore, what better than making a change by planting a tree to breathe healthy and clean air.

Knowing that trees clean the air, you should know that it also upgrades the environment of your property. So, Do you want to preserve a beautiful tree for generations on your property? Tree planting or transplanting is the service you need for your property.

Moreover, the primary purpose of planting and transplanting a tree is to give the tree more space to allow it to develop its roots and leaves better. Therefore to have a long-lasting and healthy tree life, you should contact a professional team to help plant or transplant it properly.

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There is a solution for that big crown of your tree. Instead of providing a tree cutting or tree surgeon you should consider doing a crown reduction. A crown reduction reduces the weight from the end of branches back to a healthy growth. Hence, these healthy branches will form a new crown.

Crown reduction or crown thinning is a pruning technique that allows air to circulate effectively and grow in good condition. One thing to consider is that you should respect the tree’s natural shape. This type of pruning must be done annually or every two years from winter to early summer. It all depends on the tree species.

Obtain professional help to have a crown reduction service to achieve long-lasting and premium results. If you want a tree thinning service, it is highly recommended to contact a highly knowledgeable team with the experience to guarantee quality results in every project. Therefore, get expert assistance for any crown reduction.

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