The Best Hanging Plants Ideas For A Perfect Space
  • Mon, 26 Sep 2022
  • ER Tree Care LLC

The Best Hanging Plants Ideas For A Perfect Space

Who doesn’t love the vibes and energy the plants transmit, the peace they give us when we see them? And when we have ideas about hanging plants to create a beautiful space, to have this peace and good vibes in the home.

For the simple reason, plants give us this fantastic connection with nature and all the positive benefits to our life. An excellent way you can always have a connection with nature is by having hanging plants in your home.

In particular, here we will give you the best hanging plants ideas that you ever imagine to make each space on your property a green and colorful paradise with different and unique plants.

Inspire Yourself To Create A Green Paradise

In detail, you can transform a simple and dull space in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any area on your property into a beautiful green paradise that you will love and preserve.

Without a doubt, it is time that you feel inspired and comfortable in your home by making your space peaceful and your spirit happy, and the best way to do it is with plants.


  • Boost your mood
  • Increase creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • Clean the air
  • Enhance your space

The best hanging plants

3 hanging plants that are easy to maintain

Choosing the right hanging plants for your property can be tricky but not impossible. To simplify, they are hanging plants of all sizes, with flowers and without, with different textures and colors. Specifically, your selection will depend on what you want to have on your property.

Devil’s Ivy

This plant is perfect if you want to improve the air you breathe and reduce your allergies. Since this type of plant helps to reduce airborne mold.

Boston Fern

In essence, this plant is easy to maintain and is one of the best air-purifying houseplants; it restores moisture to dry air and helps with dry noses and throats.

Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus)

This plant gives your property a beautiful touch of red with its flowers and is low-maintenance.

Decorate your space

In general, there are several ways to decorate your home with unique and different elements that give your property that touch of elegance and chic you want.

  • Hanging Baskets
  • Macrame Plant Hanger
  • Metal Hanging Pots
  • Paint Can Plant Hanger
  • Hanging Plant Wicker Baskets

How to take care of your plants

Undoubtedly, to make your indoor or outdoor hanging plants always beautiful. Indeed, you will need to pay close attention to all details, including having time to do this task at least three times a week.


  • Choose the correct pot depending on the plant’s size
  • Water the plant once a day
  • Place the plants in a space where they receive plenty of sunlight
  • Pruning the plant to make them grow healthy.
  • Add fertilized about every 1-2 weeks.

Professional Services

Contact the experts you need to keep your plants beautiful

We hope we provide you with the best hanging plants ideas for you to start with the transformation of the interior or the exterior of your property.

In case you don’t have the time to do this project, you can count on ER Tree Care, your trustworthy and reliable company that provides complete landscaping services to enhance your plants and property.

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